relieve neck pain

What are the Best Ways to Relieve Chronic Pain

Neck pain is a result of weakened muscles due to poor posture. The CDC reports that nearly 20% of people have experienced neck pain in the last three months,  which is no surprise since we constantly gaze into our computers and look down at smartphones.  Everyday life can be hard on the muscles in your neck. Muscles get tired from …

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nerve blocks for chronic pain in hands

Nerve Blocks for Chronic Pain

Nerve blocks are a common form of therapy used to treat and manage chronic pain. Groups of nerves that cause pain to a particular region or area of the body can typically be blocked via injections of medication also known as nerve blocks. These nerve blocks are numbing substances that numb the nerves signaling a patient’s pain.  Four Categories Of …

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doctor and patient planning to avoid unnecessary surgery

How to Avoid Unnecessary Surgery

Individuals would be shocked at the number of unnecessary surgeries performed in the United States annually. Unnecessary surgery, by definition, is exactly what it sounds like; “Any surgical intervention that is either not needed, not indicated, or not in the patient’s best interest when weighed against other available options, including conservative measures”. Fortunately, there are easy, effective actions that you …

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options to treat chronic pain

9 Common Treatment Options for Chronic Pain

There is an ever-growing variety of treatments for those suffering from chronic pain. The option of general medicine – oral and topical therapies – can be used to reduce pain and inflammation. Your doctor may suggest non-medication pain relievers or even use alternative methods like acupuncture.  Occasionally, physicians will use interventional techniques that involve outpatient procedures or injections of various …

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medication management for treating chronic pain

Non-Opioid Treatments for Chronic Pain

There are a lot of options for treating pain without the use of narcotics. The opioid epidemic is spreading across the nation at frightening rates. Many state laws are cracking down on opioid prescriptions to prevent excessive prescribing.    However, this leaves many chronic pain patients feeling lost and confused about what options are available. Various state’s medical boards have …

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