treating back pain with radiofrequency lesioning

Radiofrequency Lesioning to Treat Back Pain

Are you tired of dealing with back pain that just never goes away? The truth is, chronic back pain can be debilitating and difficult to manage. While many treatments are available to help control your symptoms, radiofrequency lesioning may provide an effective solution. Radiofrequency lesioning uses high-frequency electrical signals to deliver targeted heat directly to the source of your pain …

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options to treat chronic pain

9 Common Treatment Options for Chronic Pain

There is an ever-growing variety of treatments for those suffering from chronic pain. The option of general medicine – oral and topical therapies – can be used to reduce pain and inflammation. Your doctor may suggest non-medication pain relievers or even use alternative methods like acupuncture.  Occasionally, physicians will use interventional techniques that involve outpatient procedures or injections of various …

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