We encourage our patients to be well-cared-for, well-tended and well-informed. After all, we believe more knowledge helps lead to a healthier lifestyle. Check back often for the latest pain news and updates from PRC Alliance Pain Relief Centers!

June 28, 2019

Non-Opioid Pain Relief Options

Non-opioid pain relief treatments are available for chronic pain, including other medications, minimally invasive procedures, and alternative therapies. Learn more....

April 22, 2019

7 Common Causes of Neck Pain

Understanding the cause of your neck pain is the first step in determining the best way to treat it. Read about seven of the most common causes of neck pain....

March 28, 2019

Understanding Sciatica

Sciatic pain can be debilitating. The good news is most patients find relief from non-surgical or minimally invasive treatment options....

February 25, 2019

Pain Pumps for Chronic Pain

Intrathecal pain pumps are among the cutting-edge treatments available for chronic pain when other therapies have not provided adequate pain relief. Learn more....

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