oktoberfest dancing worsening knee pain

Can Oktoberfest Activities Worsen Knee Pain?

It’s that time of year again when the leaves on the trees start to change colors, and the air is warm. And fall brings many fun activities and traditions that clamor for our attention, from pumpkin patches to Oktoberfest. It’s no secret that Oktoberfest is a time for celebration. But you may not know that all the drinking, eating, dancing, and marching in German costumes can increase joint inflammation and discomfort, especially in the knee, one of the most common chronic pain in primary care. In fact, according to research, the prevalence of knee pain has risen by 65% in the recent past and affects up to 25% of adults today. 

 If you’re already suffering from knee pain, the fun and festivity of Oktoberfest activities can further aggravate your condition. But, if you’re careful and take some preventative measures, you can still enjoy the festivities without worsening your pain. Read on to learn more about popular Oktoberfest activities, how they affect your knees, and ways to prevent pain this fall.

Popular Oktoberfest Activities

There are a couple of cool things you’ll likely do if you attend the Oktoberfest celebrations this year. From eating to drinking German foods and beers, here are other activities that make your Oktoberfest memorable:

  • Learning about the history of Oktoberfest
  • Marching through the town center with other participants to the Oktoberfest grounds
  • Learning traditional German dances
  • Listening to German music
  • Exploring the unique Oktoberfest tents with a variety of beers
  • Participate in a thrill ride
  • Play Oktoberfest games such as stein holding, keg race, or even the chicken dance
  • Take part in the spinning wheel game or enjoy watching the participants for hours

How Oktoberfest Activities Can Affect Your Knees

Oktoberfest activities involve marching for long distances, dancing, or standing for long hours. These activities increase knee pain, likely affecting adults in their 40’s to 80’s. 

Knee pain can result from physical injuries that we can see with our eyes or internal injury. Physical injury such as bruising, fractures, or dislocation will cause knee pain immediately, whereas internal injuries caused by fatigue or repeated stress on the knee may take a while before you start experiencing pain. 


Ways to Prevent Knee Pain This Fall

Knee pain can make your life uncomfortable and prevent you from performing your daily routines effectively. Here are some things you can do to help you prevent pain.

  • Wear protective gear like knee pads when participating in dangerous games that may result in impact injury from falls or hitting obstacles
  • Avoid dangerous games such as the spinning wheel game
  • In case of an injury, apply ice for 15-25 minutes every 3 hours to help reduce pain
  •  Ensure you get enough rest
  • Spare some time daily for physical therapy


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